How Can the Midcoast Community Council Best Serve You?

The Midcoast Community Council was established in 1991 by the San Mateo
County Board of Supervisors. The Council was created to serve several
purposes, as set forth in its Bylaws. Key among these are:

"To provide the Community with a more effective means to express its views
to the County of San Mateo and other governmental agencies..."

"To contribute to the Community's awareness of issues of public import by
providing a forum for discussions and sponsoring meetings which will
contribute to the general welfare, knowledge and awareness of the

"To assist the Community in developing and expressing a long-range vision
of the Community which meets the desires of its residents for an improved
quality of life, protection of the environment and sound economic

"To seek to preserve the rural, small-town character of the Community by
protecting the existence of agricultural lands, supporting the retention of
a Greenbelt around urban areas of the County, maintaining the coastal
protections afforded by the County Local Coastal Plan and Measure A, and
seeking to control growth in a manner which is consistent with the present
character of the Community."

With focused and effective leadership, the Midcoast Community Council can
give residents a strong, credible voice in the decisions which affect us.
As a liason between local citizens and government officials, the Council
can clarify issues of concern while aiding in the creation of appropriate
policies. The Council can serve as a unifiying force which educates its
constituents and encourages them to act in the community's best interest.

If I am elected to the Midcoast Community Council, I will provide the
organizational and interpersonal skills necessary to support and promote
the Council's founding principles. My involvement with the successful
Tunnel and Open Space ballot initiatives (Measures T and F) has increased
my respect for Coastside residents, without whose intelligence, enthusiasm
and commitment these victories could not have been won. I have learned
about the value of teamwork and the power of a shared vision.

Through my work with regional political organizations, I have broadened my
understanding of countywide issues and brought Coastside concerns to the
attention of decision-makers outside of our community. Over time I have
become acquainted with many of our Federal, State and County
representatives and I am pleased that a number of them have endorsed my
candidacy. I have also been active with regional environmental groups,
advocating for coastal protection and the preservation of agricultural and
undeveloped lands.

I have spent many years on the Coastside, meeting local residents and
sharing common concerns. I have joined with this community in the creation
of a grassroots movement which has had ongoing and far-reaching effects. I
want to continue to contribute my experience, my energy and my optimism as
your elected representative on the Midcoast Community Council. Residents
are best served when their voices are clearly heard.